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Organic Cracked Corn-(Food & Feed Grade)

We are cultivating Organic NON-GMO Maize (CORN) by our contract farmer in organic certified farms and then it is brought to our Organic certified Cleaning & Grading Plant Where we clean the corn and remove the foreign particles. After cleaning corn is further processed in grading plant where it is graded by its size & shape. then we take the cleaned Organic Maize in our processing unit where we produce Organic cracked corn in different different sizes as per the requirement of customer.

Specification of Organic Cracked Corn-(Food & Feed Grade)


  • Protein Min 7-9%
  • Fat Min 0.5-1.2%
  • Moisture Max 11.5-13.5%
  • Purity Min 99.50%
  • Foreign Matter Max .5%
  • Non – Gmo 100 %
  • Free from dead / live insects, stones, plastics/metals and adhered
  • soil free from noxious weeds.
  • Made from 100% corn, No admixture
  • 100% cracked, no whole corn presented
  • LABELING: Organic Feed Grade Cracked Corn


  • - 25, 50 kg. Weight P.P Bag or as per requirement of customer.
  • - 1 MT Big Bag
  • - Bulk packing in full liner bags